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CT-Scan Certificate Program for Nuclear Medicine Technologists



We are pleased to announce that the State of Florida enacted New Legislation (effective January 2013) to allow Nuclear Medicine Technologists to modify their state license (CRT- Certified Radiologic Technologist) to be able to become a Computed Tomography Technologist. The requirements are as follows:


    1.  All Students must fulfill the ARRT CT Clinical competencies requirements of 125 examination repetitions in an ARRT sanctioned Radiography School. Our Clinical sites South Florida Diagnostic Imaging, and Dadeland CT-MRI have formed a liaison with Florida National University 4425 W. 20th Avenue Hialeah, FL 33012 (CT-110 Clinical Practice) for NM students to fulfill their clinical training at our sites. (Additional charges apply, please contact MRI-CT Education Group 305-828-4398 for details)

 (Select: Radiography......City: Hialeah)

   2.    All students must first pass the ARRT CT advanced examination (MRI-CT Education Group will train you and qualify you for this requirement)
   3.   All students must fill out an application with HRS state of Florida to modify their existing license (available January 2013). (This requirement is only possible after students pass the ARRT CT examination)


Our company “MRI-CT Education Group Inc.” is dedicated to help technologists with little or no experience as well as the seasoned user to become fully trained in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) or Computed Tomography (CT). Our didactic and clinical four month CT or MRI programs are among the most comprehensive in the country for MRI and CT Education. We prepare all students DIDACTICALLY and CLINICALLY to qualify for the ARRT Advanced CT and MRI examinations.