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Self-Paced Virtual MRI Classroom Course Only
Tuition Fee:
Self-Paced Virtual MRI Classroom Course Only
Self-Paced Virtual MRI Classroom Course Only
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Self-Paced Virtual MRI Classroom Only Course:
Course Available Upon Registration
Payment Due Date:
In-Full Payment $1600 (Due in Full Upon Registration)
1st Payment $600 (Due by: Upon Registration)
2nd Payment $500 (Due by: 2-weeks after registration)
3rd Payment $500 (Due by: 4-weeks after registration)

Self-Paced Virtual MRI Classroom Course Only Registration

This Course does not include Clinical Rotation 

It includes:
  1. Full access to E-Learning system. (Recorded Lectures, Quizzes, PowerPoint Outlines)
  2. Supplemental educational materials (Recorded Study Lessons)
  3. Complementary weekly access to instructors to review any topics in need of clarification.
  4. Documentation of Clinical Competencies for ARRT Post-Primary MRI exam compliance.
Books are required for the entire course and are the responsibility of the student.  Students are to purchase their books before the start of the program from:, etc.

Books required are:
1)     MRI in Practice (Latest Edition)
        Catherine Westbrook, Carolyn Kaut Roth, John Talbot
        Wiley-Blackwell Publishing ISBN: 978-1-4443-3743-3
         It includes Companion Website (animations, and practice questions)

2)     Sectional Anatomy for Imaging Professional (Latest Edition)
        Lorrie L. Kelley, Connie M. Petersen
        Mosby Elsevier

Full Description: 

MRI Principles:  Introduction to the basic concepts of MRI physics and fundamentals, as well as application of these principles in the clinical setting will be discussed. A brief history will be included in this course.
Course Outline:  Introductory Concepts, Nuclear Magnetism, Longitudinal and Transverse Magnetization, Resonance, Longitudinal and Transverse Relaxation, Image Weighting, MR Instrumentation, RF Coils, Technical Adjustments, Image Acquisition and Reconstruction, Pulse Sequences, Imaging Parameters, Patient Preparation, Patient Dependent Artifacts, System Dependent Artifacts, Environmental Safety, Patient Safety and Comfort.
Expected Duration to Complete: 3 weeks (18 hours of Lectures).  HRS/AHRA/ARRT 21 CE category A credits.

MRI Procedures and MRI Pathology:  The goal on this course is to introduce the student to the procedures for imaging various anatomical structures utilizing MRI. Emphasis on Neuro, Spine, Body, Musculoskeletal and Vascular Imaging protocols. This course will be a presentation of the most common pathologies to be found during MRI scanning. The normal anatomy will be compared to the abnormal findings as well. Special imaging techniques will be discussed to demonstrate the pathology. Normal anatomy will be discussed as well.
Course Outline:  Introduction Neuro, Brain, Cranial Nerves, Pituitary Gland, Introduction Spine, Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar, Introduction MSK, Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist, Knee, Foot & Ankle, Introduction Body, Upper Abdomen.
Expected Duration to Complete: 3 weeks (16 hours of Lectures). HRS/AHRA/ARRT 12 CE category A credits.

MRI Advanced Imaging Procedures:  This course is geared to introduce the most advanced imaging procedures and technical developments in MRI today. Emphasis with Neuro, Body, Musculoskeletal and Contrast Enhancement studies.
Course Outline: MR Angiography, Advanced Neuro: Diffusion Weighted Imaging, Perfusion Weighted Imaging, Functional Imaging, MR Spectroscopy, Advanced Body Imaging: Contrast Enhanced MR Angiography, Oral & IV contrast Agents.
Expected Duration to Complete: 1-week (6 hours of Lectures).  HRS/AHRA/ARRT 6 CE category A credits.

MR Registry Review: This is an intensive 1 month Registry Review and preparation. It follows the format of the ARRT Examination, with emphasis on Review, questions and answers. Mock Registry Examination will be given and graded.
Course Outline:  Physical Principles of Image Formation, Data Acquisition and Processing, Patient Care and MRI Safety and Imaging Procedures.
Expected Duration to Complete: 3-weeks (18 hours of Lectures).  HRS/AHRA/ARRT 12 CE category A credits

MRI Online Live Interaction with Instructors: Complementary weekly access with instructors to review any topic in need of clarification. This is scheduled on Mondays 7:00pm to 9:00pm. Students will request specific topics for discussion.