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Why Attend

Why Enroll in Our Program?

MRI-CT Education Group courses are accredited! We provide structured onsite and online MRI and CT Educational Programs committed to you as the student with a comprehensive, professional MRI and CT education that meets your needs and practical hands-on training. Our modern online program is designed to be more focused and purposeful, than many other online programs that lack uniformity and quality level MRI and CT education.

Our Classes

1. Our curriculum encourages you to stay focus by holding weekly classes and live chat sessions with quizzes to promote the material being presented. (not learn at your own pace, whenever you have free time or when not tired or sleepy)

2. We only accept a limited number of students in our classroom as well as the weekly live chat session, giving students ample time for discussions, questions, and answers. (not 30 students talking or typing at the same time)

3. The courses are taught by working MRI and CT Educators who are realistic, practical, and knowledgeable in the material being presented. (not career educator’s who do not work or perform MRI and CT exams with no every day or current knowledge of the modality)

4. All courses are presented to promote relevant MRI and CT educational material that is easy to understand, making sure you the student “get it”. (not recorded material with highly technical information that does not relate to everyday training)

5. Schedule of Onsite Classes:
How Scheduling Online Classes Work
a) Student enrolls in program
b) Description of entire program…
• Starting every Saturday with a new class topic, students are to follow the course curriculum and attend weekly live classes.
• Assigned reading material must be completed before live Saturday class from 9 am to 4 pm.
• Students will be tested on the week’s material.
• Students are welcome to record or videotape live classes.

6. Schedule of Online classes:
How Classes Work
a) Student enrolls in the program (will receive authorization to view website classes)
b) Description of entire program…
• Students are to follow the course curriculum and view assigned classes for that week.
• Starting every Saturday with a new class topic.
• Classes (lectures) and reading material assignments must be completed before live chat session every Thursday from 8 pm to 9 pm.
• Quiz on week’s material will be available to take on Friday’s.
• Next class lectures will open for viewing on Saturday.

Clinical Training
• We guarantee hands-on training, no excuses (not observation, or when we are not too busy)
• Training is available with the actual instructor’s one on one at our own centers. You are going to receive the most qualified professional training you deserve. (not by other technologists with little or no clinical training experience)
• You are going to perform a wide variety of MRI or CT examinations (not Brains and Spines all day long)
• Schedule of clinical training: How it Works…
• Students are to complete a minimum of 3 weeks of clinical training.
• Clinical training is based upon the student’s availability to train during the day or evening and weekends.
• Students are to sign up for scheduled clinical practice at our clinical sites in Miami, Florida.



“MRI-CT Education Group has been educating technologists to operate the MR and CT equipment for over twenty years and the 700 or more students that graduate from their group performs superbly in the field. The combination of clinical and theoretical teachings by MRI-CT Education Group prepares the students extremely well.” Gonzalo Diaz Jr. Med-Lab Siemens

“As the exclusive distributor for a major MR & CT manufacturer in Florida, i.e. GE Healthcare, we are grateful for your role in having provided South Florida with many qualified technologists to assist with the operation of state-of-the-art platforms which has directly influenced the success of many of these MR and CT facilities and therefore many of our customers.” Michael Alvarez General Electric


“I have known Mr. Leon and Mr. Lobo for over 10 years now and have always found their organization to be an integral part in helping our multi-modality facilities with both excellent candidates and excellent apprentices.” Ruben Llera, CEO/CFO South Florida Diagnostic Imaging

“Not only are the students extremely proficient, but all come with mindset instilled to them by Mr. Lobo and Mr. Leon that MR and CT technology is not a job, but rather a profession that comes with responsibility and seriousness.” Ramon Bardales, CEO Dadeland MRI & CT

“I will never hesitate to call MRI-CT Education Group again for seeking help in the staffing of our facilities!” Luis De Leon VP of Operations Health Imaging Services


“I wanted to be as educated as possible in the ever-changing MRI field so a friend recommended Danny & Bill's MRI course. I was not registered in MRI yet so that was another goal I wanted to accomplish. Their MRI course was amazing! I enjoyed every class I attended! The clinical rotations were fantastic!” Caryn Nolen Caryn J Nolen, RT (R)(MRI)(M) Clinical Supervisor Diagnostic Health Center of Weston


"I am trained as a Musculoskeletal Radiologist and read MRI studies of the joints for over 30 MRI centers across the country. The MRI -CT centers Bill and Dan are associated with providing excellent image quality, which allows me to accurately and concisely interpret the images. I have personally witnessed their training and have the utmost professional respect for their tremendous technical expertise." Joel Rosner MD. MSK Radiologist, Co-Founder American Radiology Technologies Inc.